The better days by Konstantinos Kontokostas

The better days is a heartwarming, slice of life, music story set inside an apartment of one of the most iconic buildings of the 20th century. The short features a faithful and detailed digital recreation of the interior of Unité D’habitation, designed by famous 20th century architect Le Corbusier and located in Marseilles, France.

This is Konstantinos personal project that he completed in his free time as a student. Reading about it, it’s a immense amount of work that you will understand reading all the info at his Epic thread 🙂

Mechanism Eight (UT4 redux) by NU music

Mechanism Eight (UT4 redux) is a brand new remake from NU music 🙂 It’s quite old school music with a modern sound, a must for any UT fan 😀

Listen the track by watching the video or on Soundcloud and comment at his Epic Thread (MP3 and WAV download link). You can grab my Flac file here 😉


DM-Delta release 2 now available!

I’m happy to announce the next release of DM-Delta which is compatible with the latest UT4 patch, build 4.15 😀

I was afraid to loose the map with the 4.15 patch simply because the full build function (lighting process in particular) didn’t worked at all whatever I was trying. THX to barsam2a solution on Epic forums which as permit me to make a full rebuild of the map 😀 If you want to leave a little comment on my Epic thread or here, I’ll appreciate 🙂

This is what as been done for R2 :

– Modified the BV around the jumpad near the helmet pickup.
– Add BV to the 2 turbines in front of the helmet pickup.
– Boost sun brightness.
– Remade preview pic.
– File size is 30MB smaller! THX to UE 4.15 pack compression 🙂

I’m done with this map unless a repack is required in the future. For all info about the map, head over here.

Spanish village by Carlos Sánchez Muñoz

Spanish village is a game environment project based on a typical Spanish village. Created with 3DS Max and Zbrush, UE4, Substance Painter and Substance Designer by Carlos Sánchez Muñoz 🙂 For more info and comments, go here 🙂