Crosshair Pack Indicator update by monolytic

monolytic added four new crosshairs, showing ammo and health indicators to the Crosshairs Pack 😀 It’s completely free! For download, head over Gumroad 🙂

DM-Delta and CTF-Infiltrate and…

So, with the latest April build, recooking and repuloading are again, needed 😦

Both DM-Delta & CTF-Infiltrate as been updated. CTF-Infiltrate is now final 😀

I must confess, It’s VERY disappointing to see the huge lack of feedback from the community for those 2 maps of mine. In the past, I’ve received a ton of feedback for each map I’ve made so I could improve myself and make better maps. That is the logic behind posting alpha’s, beta’s and rc’s before the final, gather other feedback!

The reality is that very few players post back something on Epic forums, even on UC hub. That mean. for the next map, well, I’ll see if I would even bother share it with the community. After all, it feel completely pointless to share my work.



My second map for UT4, CTF-Infiltrate release!

I’m please to announce the release of my second map for UT4, CTF-Infiltrate 😀

I’ve create this map base on my own UT3 map. Remember, CTF-Mako? Layout, pickup placement, is practically the same. The biggest changes are that the lower level isn’t submerge in water and there is 2 entrances on the upper level to the flag base. The theme is completely different too, I created a industrial theme. Most assets are from Epic Infiltrator demo. I had to redo all materials, materials functions in UT4 which is well, not easy and damn long to accomplish! I’m also restrained myself not to use to much assets from Infiltrator simply because the map size would be an issue since you must import meshes and textures into the map.

The first release (R1), like DM-Delta, meshing, lighting, music, sounds, blocking volume, collisions, story, preview pic, etc are finished. I’m interested about issues, exploits and suggestions 😉

For all info about the map, head over here 😀

CTF-Infiltrate update 2

Been working on CTF-Infiltrate everyday like a maniac since months now and I must say, I’m very happy with the end result 😀 The folder which contain all the uncoock stuff is 683 MB but the pack file is only 241 MB! It’s very good taking into account that the level is built from more than 90% custom content!

Layout, pickups, blocking volume, lighting, music are done! I’m working on sounds, visuals effects and optimizing the level at the moment. It’s ±90% finish 🙂 You can found the latest info at my CTF-Infiltrate page.

Subway station by Mikhail Bakhirev

Subway station is small subway scene, somewhat based on some subway stations around  the city of Mikhail Bakhirev. For more awesome HD pics, look at his artstation 🙂

Also, the scene and all the props are available on gumroad for FREE! You may use all the models from it in your project however you want 😀 Epic thread here.

A new royalty free music site by Patrick de Arteaga

Patrick de Arteaga is creating and sharing is music freely 😀 Look in FREE music.You can download all tracks and use them in our projects. Under a Creative Commons CC-BY license, you only must to add his name (Patrick de Arteaga) in the credits of your project or wherever you use any of his works.

Epic thread here.

DM-Delta now final!

I’m happy to announce the last release of DM-Delta which is compatible with the march patch, build 4.15 😀

I’m finally done with this map unless a repack is required in the future. For all info about the map, head over here 😀