CTF-Infiltrate update 1

CTF-Infiltrate is the name of my new map 😀 Update # 1

Being working on the lower level since my last post. Also, a pic of the folder / content browser. As you can see, there is a lot of stuff!! Still, while the folder is 247 MB, the pack is only 90 MB 🙂

Overall update

Content browser overview (for curious level designers…)


Free models by Dave Watts

New and re-release free assets made by Dave Watts. This is a pack of miscellaneous 3D models and textures from a planned game called Grindstone. Not everything is textured, and some of the stuff that is textured isn’t textured very well. There is no particular theme, although the props were meant for a modern office environment. but hey, it’s free content 😀

Click here to download from Gumroad (just enter 0 if you don’t want to pay anything) and go here to leave a comment 😉

Simple road tool by Sieben Corgie

This simple Road tool made by Sieben Corgie is a free to use Blueprint road tool he made to make laying out roads in UE4 easier 🙂 The video below is a small demonstration. To download the tool and comment, go at his Epic thread.

My second map for UT4, a CTF this time

Since the release of DM-Delta, I’ve been working on a new map base on my own UT3 map. Remember, CTF-Mako 🙂

Layout, pickup placement, will be practically the same. The biggest changes are that the lower level won’t be submerge in water this time and there will be 2 entrances on the upper level to the flag base.

The theme is completely different. I’m using assets from Epic Infiltrator demo. The only UT4 stock assets I’m using are few textures and the pipes meshes. I had to redo all materials in UT4 which is well, not easy! I’m also restraining myself not to use to much assets from Infiltrator simply because the map size will be to big since I must import meshes and textures into the map 😦 I’m also going for a industrial theme. Anyway, enjoy the early pics 😀

Control room, floor and wall.

Control room, ceiling.

Flag room, entrance.

Flag room, flag future location.


All UT99 CTF maps ported to UT4

For those who want’s to play the classics UT99 CTF maps in UT4, Metalfist as ported them all right here 🙂 Note that, it’s ported maps, not remakes so expect the maps to look and feel like it was back in the days. New versions with 2017 graphics and sounds would be A-MA-ZING 😀