CTF-Azimuth by David ‘Sel’ Simon

A brand new CTF map from David ‘Selentic’ Simon. I was following the dev of this beauty since the beginning and now, it’s final😀 Awesome work in all regards! Go here for comments. More pics at David Simon Artstation🙂

I’m happy to add this must map to my UT4 custom maps collection! Good watching😉

Halloween, spooky house! by Jhosep Chevarria Capacoila

Halloween is coming! Halloween, spooky house! is the latest scene by Jhosep Chevarria Capacoila. I love this, It’s simply amazing😀 Comment at his Epic thread here🙂

Sunrise by Martin Teichmann

Sunrise is Martin Teichmann latest. He’s a environment artist working for Naughty Dog in Santa Monica. He wanted to explore a new style and get a bit deeper into UE. The scene is inspired by Firewatch and The Witness. It’s simply amazing😀 Epic thread here🙂

Moloch map pack 5 for UT3 released

For those who still play UT3, Moloch map pack 5 as been release😀 All maps as been made by Michail ‘Moloch’ Levchinko🙂

Requirements :

– Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 2.1 with Titan pack.
– Bombing Run mod version 3.1 by Mark Caldwell which is included in this pack.

This pack contains :


Grab the pack here😀 Head over Epic to leave your comments🙂


UT4 10/10/2016 release notes available

The next public release is very close and promises major changes in the game. I must say, after reading the release notes, I’m not very enthusiast about it, far from it😦

The map I’m currently working of will be affected by the mentioned changes and not in a good way since I’m making the layout, part of the map so it’s preferable to use this or that weapon.

I also see some talented mappers putting an old on their map since Epic is heading into a direction that isn’t much what the community was hoping for in the first place. This is very sad I must say.

Anyway, I’ll see…