A new royalty free music site by Darren Curtis

Darren Curtis site is all about commercially free music he offer to everyone for their projects 🙂 Whether you’re a hobbyist, a filmmaker, game developer, advertiser, RPG game master, Youtuber or if you just want a neat ringtone for your phone, feel free to browse his ever-growing collection of free music 😀

Epic thread here.


Photogrammetric rock 5 – cluster by Nobiax

Nobiax as release another free rock asset, you can grab his Photogrammetric rock 5 – cluster, and like all the previous Photogrammetric rock assets, it also include various LOD’s 😀 Go on DeviantArt to leave your comments and on Patreon to support him and download the files.

DM-Aly SE remake

So, since I’ve release CTF-Infiltrate, for the second time, I decided to remake one of my own UT3 map, which is DM-Aly Second Edition 😀

Therefore, since DM-Delta and CTF-Infiltrate didn’t receive enough comments / feedback for my taste, don’t expect this new map to be release anytime soon. This is more about to show the dev of the map.

– Made the terrain, started to add BSP and mesh the Stinger area lower part. Note that there is now a small tunnel instead of a hole in the stone wall. Added rocks too to start define the play area.
– Assign by creating and choosing the right materials at the beginning.
– The round plate on the terrain is where the belt is located.

– Continue adding BSP / meshes to the Stinger area and add the JumpPad too.

– Continue adding meshes to the Stinger upper area. Added more rocks and made the master rock material.
– Imported custom tree, grass and made the various materials. Added more rocks. I’ve made lot’s of material changes at that part of the dev process.

– Mesh the Link Gun area. I was greatly inspired by TitanPass and Underland when I’ve made that part of the map.
– Added more rocks and remade the master rock material.
– Add blocking volume as soon as I feel the area is rather finished (for walls mostly). That method goes as long as I meshing the map. I never wait to the end before starting to add the blocking volumes.

– Mesh the Flak area.
– Create the landscape material and shaped the landscape.
– Added PostProcess / reflection boxes / reflection spheres and basic lighting.

– Lot’s of time as been put looking at the up-right of the map. Also, the right part of the image feature the Grenade Launcher and the Lighting gun 🙂
– To many things as been made everywhere just to write them all!
– Re-remade the master rock material.

The last pic as been took in last week of September.

I plan to add plants (more tress, bushes, grass, vines, etc) and leaf particle like in the original along the way 🙂

NyLeve Falls remake by Ludvík Koutný

Just found this mind blowing remake while browsing UE4 videos on YouTube. NyLeve Falls remake is all made by Ludvík Koutný 😀 To leave a comment, go at his YouTube page 🙂

Photogrammetric rock 5 by Nobiax

Wow, another HQ free set of rocks from Nobiax 😀 He just release Photogrammetric rock 5, so go on DeviantArt to leave your comments and on Patreon to support him financially and also download the files 🙂