Rocks mini pack by Luos and Nopal

2 weeks ago, I’ve posted Modular caves / rocks mini pack by Yoeri ‘luos’ Vleer. I’m happy to present this additional Free rocks mini pack by Luos and Nopal this time.

A while back one of the Unreal community members Nopal made a free rock package which was quite well received🙂 Luos contacted him asking for permission to modify his rocks to work with his Modular caves / rocks pack which is now available on the marketplace. Nopal kindly allowed Luos to modify them, Luos remade all the UV’s so they work 1:1 with Luos package making Nopal’s 45 rocks an awesome (and free) contribution to the aforementioned package. Another contribution came from Hillary from the TerraMorph workshop who makes awesome textures ! She was kind enough to give Luos one of her amazing textures.

You can download this new rocks mini pack from my GoogleDrive or here. To install this pack, follow the instructions in the readme😉


  1. do we have the rights to include these assets on a (future) commercial project? I would love to include these in my game or at least use them for prototyping (Which would be distributed to a closed group not for profit)


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