Welcome to Stevie’s corner!
My name is Steve Loiselle, born in 1972. My native language is French but since most of the people I interact with communicate in English, I decided to write in English. Keep in mind that English isn’t my first language and I do what I can to make myself understand 😉

Stevie’s corner was created in September 2009 and is dedicated to Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Development Kit (UDK/UE3) and also Unreal Tournament 99/2004/III/4. I love the Unreal universe! I’m in the Unreal word since 1998 and seeing so much stuff (private and public) I thought that I could share stuff that I classify to be way above the average. I promote / share other projects + share my own stuff. Since I’m a member of many Unreal related forums, the goal of Stevie’s corner is to put everything I like in regard of the Unreal universe in 1 spot. My common username on most sites is Stevelois. Those sites are mainly related to gaming forums, computer technologies and electronic medias. WordPress is my first sweet spot on the Internet.

To contact me
Use the contact form below to contact me by email. If you want to comment this page without sending me an email, just write your comment below the contact form.

C’ya 😀



One comment

  1. Hi Steve,

    You have a very nice collection of Unreal-related stuff! I just dropped by from the Unreal Tournament forums, since I recognized in you another faithful fan of the Unreal universe! I’ve been playing the Unreal series since 2000 as well, especially UT99.


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