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Unreal and Unreal Tournament are my all time top PC games. My blog is dedicated to all HQ stuff related to the Unreal / UT world.

Moloch map pack 6 for UT3 released

For those who still play UT3, few weeks ago, Moloch map pack 6 as been release 🙂 All maps as been made by Michail ‘Moloch’ Levchinko, some by Elen Vaughan and him and some from Epic maps. As always, you can expect fabulous looking maps 😀

Requirements :

– Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 2.1 with Titan pack.
– Bombing Run mod version 3.1 by Mark Caldwell which is included in this pack.

This pack contains :

BR-Deck Lemuria
CTF-Black Bird Of Pnakt Yuggoth Ocean
CTF-Currum De Nodenti (By Elen Vaughan and me)
CTF-Death Regions (based on Epic map)
CTF-Necroroller PentacycleEdition
DM-Alien Eradicator
DM-Black Bird Of Pnakt
DM-Currum De Nodenti (By Elen Vaughan and me)
DM-Death_Regions (based on Epics map)
DM-Deck_Hyperborea (based on Epics map)
DM-Erebus Hell
DM-Helen Vaughan
DM-Hyperblast Moloch Edition (No convert )
DM-Predator Tank
DM-Progressor Necromorph
DM-The Dweller Of The Gulf (Based on the story of Clark Ashton Smith)
VCTF-Eradicator VS Predator

Grab the pack here 😀 Head over Epic to leave your comments 🙂

And many more…


Stevie’s corner, turn 8 today !


I am very happy today to see that my blog has been visited by 375 156 visitors since 8 years 😀 8 years that I shared with my visitors what is fascinating me in the Unreal universe. I did not think at first that I would even reach 50,000 visitors, thus reaching this number is very cool 🙂

I wanted to thank my visitors, veterans and newcomers. You encourage me to continue to share all these new discoveries and to spread information about my personal projects, tutorials.

My only wish is that I would like to read more comments from you, my visitors 😉

In this time of celebration, I wish you Happy Holidays 2017 with loved ones and friends!


Je suis content de constater aujourd’hui que mon blog a été visité par plus de 375 156 visiteurs et ce, depuis 8 ans 😀 8 années que je partage avec mes visiteurs ce qui me fascine dans l’univers d’Unreal. Je ne pensais pas au début que j’allais même atteindre 50 000 visiteurs, donc, d’avoir atteint ce chiffre est très satisfaisant 🙂

Je tenais à remercier mes visiteurs, vétérans et nouveaux venus de votre présence. Vous m’encouragez à continuer de partager toutes ces nouvelles trouvailles ainsi qu’à divulguer des informations sur mes projets personnels, tutoriels.

Mon seul souhait est que j’apprécierais de lire vos commentaires plus souvent, cher visiteurs 😉

En cette période de réjouissances, je vous souhaite de passer de très Joyeuses Fêtes 2017 avec vos proches ainsi que vos amis !

Photogrammetric rock 7 – cluster by Nobiax

And now, Nobiax Photogrammetric rock 7 – cluster 😀 Go on DeviantArt to leave your comments and on Patreon to support him and download the files.

Those clusters meshes would fit perfectly in a space map 🙂

Photogrammetric rock 7 by Nobiax

Another free rock from Nobiax 🙂 Photogrammetric rock 7 is now available, so go on DeviantArt to leave your comments and on Patreon to support him financially and also download the files 🙂

ArchViz / Cinematic part 1 by Bryan Howard

I present you another fantastic UE4 cinematic, Cinematic part 1, which as all been made withing 3 months from scratch by Bryan Howard and his first time using Unreal Engine 😀

Free 690 Substance materials by YF Groups

While browsing UE4 YouTube videos, I found this AMAZING, Free 690 Substance materials pack by YF Groups 😀 Enjoy 🙂

The Torrent download link, 6 GB project!

The Torrent download link from Google Drive.

Finally, here, free animals 🙂

Freebie pack by PolyPixel

I present you the Freebie pack made by PolyPixel 🙂

The features :

Ability to create multi-level floors with interiors – they give you both modular and hyper modular pieces that can be mixed and match to create an endless variety of buildings.
High quality props & foliage easily – drag and drop pieces to create a coastline city.
LOD states for trees and props – allows for a more streamlined game that doesn’t bog down from a distance.

To show their appreciation they have created a free pack with all their key features. The restrictions on this pack are the same as any purchased pack. Head over their Website to download this HQ free content 😀

We will receive 3 packages :

– Source files package (textures, FBX/OBJ models)
– UE4 package
– Unity 5 package

Each package is a separate download file.