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Moloch map pack 6 for UT3 released

For those who still play UT3, few weeks ago, Moloch map pack 6 as been release 🙂 All maps as been made by Michail ‘Moloch’ Levchinko, some by Elen Vaughan and him and some from Epic maps. As always, you can expect fabulous looking maps 😀

Requirements :

– Unreal Tournament 3 Patch 2.1 with Titan pack.
– Bombing Run mod version 3.1 by Mark Caldwell which is included in this pack.

This pack contains :

BR-Deck Lemuria
CTF-Black Bird Of Pnakt Yuggoth Ocean
CTF-Currum De Nodenti (By Elen Vaughan and me)
CTF-Death Regions (based on Epic map)
CTF-Necroroller PentacycleEdition
DM-Alien Eradicator
DM-Black Bird Of Pnakt
DM-Currum De Nodenti (By Elen Vaughan and me)
DM-Death_Regions (based on Epics map)
DM-Deck_Hyperborea (based on Epics map)
DM-Erebus Hell
DM-Helen Vaughan
DM-Hyperblast Moloch Edition (No convert )
DM-Predator Tank
DM-Progressor Necromorph
DM-The Dweller Of The Gulf (Based on the story of Clark Ashton Smith)
VCTF-Eradicator VS Predator

Grab the pack here 😀 Head over Epic to leave your comments 🙂

And many more…


DM-Aly remake

So, since I’ve release CTF-Infiltrate, for the second time, I decided to remake one of my own UT3 map, which is DM-Aly Second Edition 😀

Therefore, since DM-Delta and CTF-Infiltrate didn’t receive enough comments / feedback for my taste, don’t expect this new map to be release anytime soon. This is more about to show the dev of the map.

– Made the terrain, started to add BSP and mesh the Stinger area lower part. Note that there is now a small tunnel instead of a hole in the stone wall. Added rocks too to start define the play area.
– Assign by creating and choosing the right materials at the beginning.
– The round plate on the terrain is where the belt is located.

– Continue adding BSP / meshes to the Stinger area and add the JumpPad too.

– Continue adding meshes to the Stinger upper area. Added more rocks and made the master rock material.
– Imported custom tree, grass and made the various materials. Added more rocks. I’ve made lot’s of material changes at that part of the dev process.

– Mesh the Link Gun area. I was greatly inspired by TitanPass and Underland when I’ve made that part of the map.
– Added more rocks and remade the master rock material.
– Add blocking volume as soon as I feel the area is rather finished (for walls mostly). That method goes as long as I meshing the map. I never wait to the end before starting to add the blocking volumes.

– Mesh the Flak area.
– Create the landscape material and shaped the landscape.
– Added PostProcess / reflection boxes / reflection spheres and basic lighting.

– Lot’s of time as been put looking at the up-right of the map. Also, the right part of the image feature the Grenade Launcher and the Lighting gun 🙂
– To many things as been made everywhere just to write them all!
– Re-remade the master rock material.

The last pic as been took in last week of September.

I plan to add plants (more tress, bushes, grass, vines, etc) and leaf particle like in the original along the way 🙂

CTF-Infiltrate & DM-Delta update for july patch

So, with the latest July build, recooking and repuloading are again, needed. Both DM-Delta and CTF-Infiltrate as been updated.

CTF-Infiltrate is the same, no change except a full rebuild. I added the Lighting gun in DM-Delta and 3 ammo’s across the map. Each weapons as 3 set of ammo’s spread across the map 🙂

Have fun 😀

DM-Delta and CTF-Infiltrate and…

So, with the latest April build, recooking and repuloading are again, needed 😦

Both DM-Delta & CTF-Infiltrate as been updated. CTF-Infiltrate is now final 😀

I must confess, It’s VERY disappointing to see the huge lack of feedback from the community for those 2 maps of mine. In the past, I’ve received a ton of feedback for each map I’ve made so I could improve myself and make better maps. That is the logic behind posting alpha’s, beta’s and rc’s before the final, gather other feedback!

The reality is that very few players post back something on Epic forums, even on UC hub. That mean. for the next map, well, I’ll see if I would even bother share it with the community. After all, it feel completely pointless to share my work.



DM-Delta now final!

I’m happy to announce the last release of DM-Delta which is compatible with the march patch, build 4.15 😀

I’m finally done with this map unless a repack is required in the future. For all info about the map, head over here 😀

DM-Delta release 2 now available!

I’m happy to announce the next release of DM-Delta which is compatible with the latest UT4 patch, build 4.15 😀

I was afraid to loose the map with the 4.15 patch simply because the full build function (lighting process in particular) didn’t worked at all whatever I was trying. THX to barsam2a solution on Epic forums which as permit me to make a full rebuild of the map 😀 If you want to leave a little comment on my Epic thread or here, I’ll appreciate 🙂

This is what as been done for R2 :

– Modified the BV around the jumpad near the helmet pickup.
– Add BV to the 2 turbines in front of the helmet pickup.
– Boost sun brightness.
– Remade preview pic.
– File size is 30MB smaller! THX to UE 4.15 pack compression 🙂

I’m done with this map unless a repack is required in the future. For all info about the map, head over here.

My first map for UT4, DM-Delta release!

I’m please to announce the release of my new map for UT4, DM-Delta 😀

I’ve been working hard on this map since months now. I was interested to play with UE4 features and see what I could come up with. In the contrary to my previous maps, I didn’t had a layout in mind so my goal was to build something that look nice and fun to play. A simple FFA map 🙂

This first release (R1) is a complete one. I mean that meshing, lighting, music, sounds, blocking volume, collisions, story, preview pic are done. I’m interested about issues or exploits and maybe pickup placement suggestions. I already mentioned that the first HUB that will get the map is Unreal Carnage. I hope you will have fun playing it.

For all info about the map, head over here. Note that the pics aren’t up-to-date. It look better ingame. Enjoy 😀