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Some of the Infiltrator assets are now included in UT

Yep, you’ve read right 😀 Since few builds, Epic Games as quietly include some of the Infiltrator assets in UT4, which, it’s a good thing since mappers have more assets to play with 🙂

Therefore, not all assets as been added to the game. Comparing both content of Infiltrator and UT4, only around ±30 to 50% of the assets as been added to UT4 😦 Furthermore, few static meshes need some UV adjustments and Epic didn’t bother to fix the faulty UV’s on many Infiltrator static meshes.

At first, I was happy to know that UT would benefit from having the Infiltrator assets because my CTF-Infiltrate map is using lot’s of Infiltrator assets. Still, most assets aren’t in UT and the static meshes with bad UV’s are still to be fixed. So in all, I’ll keep the map as it is. Beside, we never know if Epic will keep the Infiltrator assets in UT so I can’t imagine how frustrating it would be to reimport everything and redo everything!

Crosshair Pack Indicator update by monolytic

monolytic added four new crosshairs, showing ammo and health indicators to the Crosshairs Pack 😀 It’s completely free! For download, head over Gumroad 🙂

Subway station by Mikhail Bakhirev

Subway station is small subway scene, somewhat based on some subway stations around  the city of Mikhail Bakhirev. For more awesome HD pics, look at his artstation 🙂

Also, the scene and all the props are available on gumroad for FREE! You may use all the models from it in your project however you want 😀 Epic thread here.

Photogrammetric rock by Nobiax

It’s been a very, very long time Nobiax release free assets. Photogrammetric rock is his latest mesh and include various LOD 😀 Click here to download from my GoogleDrive, go on DeviantArt to leave your comments and on Patreon to support him financially for his hard work and generosity 🙂

Free models by Dave Watts

New and re-release free assets made by Dave Watts. This is a pack of miscellaneous 3D models and textures from a planned game called Grindstone. Not everything is textured, and some of the stuff that is textured isn’t textured very well. There is no particular theme, although the props were meant for a modern office environment. but hey, it’s free content 😀

Click here to download from Gumroad (just enter 0 if you don’t want to pay anything) and go here to leave a comment 😉