Unreal Engine 4.18 released !

From desktop to mobile in virtual reality or augmented reality, Unreal Engine 4.18 gives us the tools to deliver the types of content users demand. With expanded and improved platform support, we can deliver content wherever users consume it. In their relentless pursuit of a more efficient and streamlined development process, they continue to make updates and improvements to all of the tools so that we can deliver content faster than ever before.

With new lighting features like Volumetric Lightmaps and multi-bounce indirect lighting from Skylights, our worlds can achieve a greater sense of realism and believability. we can even bring the real world into yours with the new Media Framework features that enable real-time compositing. Or, build our world on top of the real world for the ultimate in immersion using Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore.

Unreal Engine 4.18 enables us to focus our time on the things that matter most. With the new global Find in Blueprints search functionality, we’ll never waste time looking for something in multiple Blueprints ever again. They have also added improved Clothing tools, a new Physics Asset Editor, and advanced Material Editor preview support along with a host of other quality of life improvements that significantly speed up the development process.

In addition to hundreds of updates from Epic, this release includes 98 improvements submitted by the community of Unreal Engine developers on GitHub!

For all the details, head over the official post here 😀


Photogrammetric rock 6 – cluster by Nobiax

Nobiax released his Photogrammetric rock 6 – cluster asset 😀 Go on DeviantArt to leave your comments and on Patreon to support him and download the files.

Since he started to make those rock clusters meshes, I’m sure those meshes would fit perfectly in a space map where the rocks are asteroids !

Photogrammetric rock 6 by Nobiax

Another rock from Nobiax 😀 Photogrammetric rock 6 is available for free, so go on DeviantArt to leave your comments and on Patreon to support him financially and also download the files 🙂

A new royalty free music site by Darren Curtis

Darren Curtis site is all about commercially free music he offer to everyone for their projects 🙂 Whether you’re a hobbyist, a filmmaker, game developer, advertiser, RPG game master, Youtuber or if you just want a neat ringtone for your phone, feel free to browse his ever-growing collection of free music 😀

Epic thread here.

Photogrammetric rock 5 – cluster by Nobiax

Nobiax as release another free rock asset, you can grab his Photogrammetric rock 5 – cluster, and like all the previous Photogrammetric rock assets, it also include various LOD’s 😀 Go on DeviantArt to leave your comments and on Patreon to support him and download the files.

DM-Aly remake

So, since I’ve release CTF-Infiltrate, for the second time, I decided to remake one of my own UT3 map, which is DM-Aly Second Edition 😀

Therefore, since DM-Delta and CTF-Infiltrate didn’t receive enough comments / feedback for my taste, don’t expect this new map to be release anytime soon. This is more about to show the dev of the map.

– Made the terrain, started to add BSP and mesh the Stinger area lower part. Note that there is now a small tunnel instead of a hole in the stone wall. Added rocks too to start define the play area.
– Assign by creating and choosing the right materials at the beginning.
– The round plate on the terrain is where the belt is located.

– Continue adding BSP / meshes to the Stinger area and add the JumpPad too.

– Continue adding meshes to the Stinger upper area. Added more rocks and made the master rock material.
– Imported custom tree, grass and made the various materials. Added more rocks. I’ve made lot’s of material changes at that part of the dev process.

– Mesh the Link Gun area. I was greatly inspired by TitanPass and Underland when I’ve made that part of the map.
– Added more rocks and remade the master rock material.
– Add blocking volume as soon as I feel the area is rather finished (for walls mostly). That method goes as long as I meshing the map. I never wait to the end before starting to add the blocking volumes.

– Mesh the Flak area.
– Create the landscape material and shaped the landscape.
– Added PostProcess / reflection boxes / reflection spheres and basic lighting.

– Lot’s of time as been put looking at the up-right of the map. Also, the right part of the image feature the Grenade Launcher and the Lighting gun 🙂
– To many things as been made everywhere just to write them all!
– Re-remade the master rock material.

The last pic as been took in last week of September.

I plan to add plants (more tress, bushes, grass, vines, etc) and leaf particle like in the original along the way 🙂