ArchViz / Cinematic part 1 by Bryan Howard

I present you another fantastic UE4 cinematic, Cinematic part 1, which as all been made withing 3 months from scratch by Bryan Howard and his first time using Unreal Engine 😀


Free 690 Substance materials by YF Groups

While browsing UE4 YouTube videos, I found this AMAZING, Free 690 Substance materials pack by YF Groups 😀 Enjoy 🙂

The Torrent download link, 6 GB project!

The Torrent download link from Google Drive.

Finally, here, free animals 🙂

Freebie pack by PolyPixel

I present you the Freebie pack made by PolyPixel 🙂

The features :

Ability to create multi-level floors with interiors – they give you both modular and hyper modular pieces that can be mixed and match to create an endless variety of buildings.
High quality props & foliage easily – drag and drop pieces to create a coastline city.
LOD states for trees and props – allows for a more streamlined game that doesn’t bog down from a distance.

To show their appreciation they have created a free pack with all their key features. The restrictions on this pack are the same as any purchased pack. Head over their Website to download this HQ free content 😀

We will receive 3 packages :

– Source files package (textures, FBX/OBJ models)
– UE4 package
– Unity 5 package

Each package is a separate download file.

NyLeve Falls remake by Ludvík Koutný

Just found this mind blowing remake while browsing UE4 videos on YouTube. NyLeve Falls remake is all made by Ludvík Koutný 😀 To leave a comment, go at his YouTube page 🙂