My maps

First, a player. I play UT since it came out in 1999. Except clan based maps, I can say I’ve played pretty much every custom maps that as been released since UT99 to UT3 which, all combined, is well, a lot 🙂

Second, a tester. Since years, I test UT stuff, helping the community a lot. I often have the opportunity to play magnificent levels for private testing. Sadly, many didn’t get release to the public. I was also approached many times by mappers / MOD leaders to help them by contributing in a way or another.

After, a UT3 mapper. In October 2008 I started to map. I just wanted to build something for my own fun and also to be able to understand why mappers couldn’t do this or that based on my feedback. After I’ve learned things that was important to me, I’ve decided to share my knowledge by making tutorials 😀

The first map I wanted to make was a low gravity CTF in space. I had no idea where to start so even less how to do things! Since it seem to much complicated, I decided to do a DM map instead to learn how it works. The first map name I had in mind was CTF-SpaceJump, after CTF-StationAlpha12 then CTF-Station12 and finally I end up with DM-Station 12. I’ve released 20 maps in all 🙂 Mapping is a cool experience. This was my 2008 concept of CTF-SpaceJump (done in Paint LOL) :

This is a video presentation of the levels I’ve made for UT3 🙂

Below, all maps I’ve made. They’re classified from the newest to the oldest. Clicking on the map name will lead you to the according page.




Greed-Mégane Winter Edition

DM-Mako L2




DOM-Itarion, part of UOF EG map pack

DM-Itarion, part of UOF DM map pack

Greed-Amissa Night Edition, part of UOF EG map pack

DM-Amissa Night Edition, part of UOF DM map pack

DM-Amissa, part of UOF DM map pack


CTF-Fatima, part of UOF map pack 2

DM-Aly Second Edition

DM-Aly Night Edition FPS

DM-Aly Night Edition


DM-Nano, MSUC P4 best graphics in map finalists 😀

DM-Station 12


UOF DM Map Pack





DM-Station 12


One comment

  1. Say what you want, but you definitely released some of the best UT3 maps and there is no way to deny that. Every map has a certain unique style, vivid atmosphere and good gameplay. Besides, if you take a closer look at your maps, from first to the latest one, it is pretty obvious that over the time you have learned and improved a lot. In the end, you have done a great job and yeah, keep up the good work! :)


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