Remakes for UT4

I think that UT4 players would be pleased to replay with the classics (maps, vehicles, weapons, etc.) remade for UT4 😀 This page will lead you to all remakes I’m aware for UT4 🙂 Note that I maintain this list for the community, not for myself and it take a considerable amount of time to stay up-to-date ! If your aware of a remake that isn’t listed, please inform me by commenting on this page or send me an email so I can add it to the list 😉 Only the finals have a pic below their link.

Maps: AS, CTF, DM and DOM

AS-AutoRIP by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Ballistic by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Bridge by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-FallenCity by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Football by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Frigate by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Gladiator by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Golgotha by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Golgotha2 by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Guardia by Raste (UT99)
AS-HallofFame by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-HellRaiser by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Lavafort by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Nemphis by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Overlord by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Resurrection by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Riverbed by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Rook by Urgamanix (UT99)
AS-SavingChristmas by BloodK1nG (UT99)
AS-Siege by BloodK1nG (UT99)
CTF-1on1-Joust by Barsam2a (UT200x)
CTF-Abreez SE by Café (UT99)
CTF-AndAction by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-AndAction by tresq (UT99)
CTF-Aquatica by Prescovio (UT200x)
CTF-Archanastre by itsinthemind (UT200x)
CTF-Azcanize by cafe (UT99)
CTF-Beatitude by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Biohazard by T.I.G.E.R. (UT3)
CTF-Bleak by Tigerclaw (UT99)
CTF-Bloxeh by platnumspider (UT200x)
CTF-Bloxeh by vl49 (UT200x)
CTF-BrokenLimits by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-CampersCrossing by Wowbagger (UT99)
CTF-CandyCanyon by dsercs (SweetSweetCanyon from Mario Kart 8)
CTF-Cheops by Prescovio (UT200x)
CTF-Command by aniviron (UT99)
CTF-Command by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-Command by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Control League Edition by code187 (UT99)
CTF-Coret by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-CoretFacility by ~SPECTRE~ (UT99)
CTF-Cybrosis by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Cynosure2 by cafe (UT99)
CTF-Darji16 by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Decrepit by aniviron (UT200x)
CTF-Dreary by Delfigamer (UT99)
CTF-Dreary by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Dreary by rawlph (UT99)
CTF-Drunklet by garuDa (UT200x)
CTF-Duku by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-Duku by platnumspider (UT99)
CTF-Dynex by info25 (UT99)
CTF-EpicBoy by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-EternalCaves by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Extorcion CE by AdrianUT (UT99)
CTF-Face by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Face SE by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-FlagShip3 by platnumspider (UT99)
CTF-Flumadiddle by PayBack (UT3)
CTF-FragWhoreArena by code187 (UT99)
CTF-Gauntlet by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Grendelkeep by jayo_ (UT200x)
CTF-Grudge by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-HallOfGiants by GGaben (UT99)
CTF-HallOfGiants by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-HelmsDeep by platnumspider (UT99)
CTF-High by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Hydro16 by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Klondike by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-Kosov by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-LavaGiant by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-LavaGiant by pikachu1001000 (UT99)
CTF-LiandriDocks by {S.o.W}DeathMask (UT99)
CTF-Mesmerize by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-Niven by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-November by Atomicfire (UT99)
CTF-November by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Noxion16 by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Nucleus by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Orbital by CaptainMigraine (UT200x)
CTF-Orbital by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-PistolaBattleGrounds by Jayoplus (UT200x)

CTF-Ranel by AdrianUT (UT99)
CTF-Ranel by Prescovio (UT99)
CTF-Ratchet by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-Romra by PayBack (UT3)
CTF-SpiderCrossings by BloodK1nG (Quake 3)
CTF-SpiderCrossings by Tetsu (Quake 3)
CTF-Sprinta by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-Sprinta by Tigerclaw (UT99)
CTF-Switchback by garuDa (UT200x)
CTF-TechDream by Rainmaker_CZ (UT200x)
CTF-Thorns by de`pain (UT99)
CTF-Thorns by Elipter (UT99)
CTF-Thorns by MasterPlayerLoRD. (UT99)
CTF-Trenches by smintili (Star Trek: Voyager – Elite Force, BetaStation)
CTF-Tutorial by Metalfist (UT99)
CTF-TwinTombs by DarkHell (UT200x)
CTF-VaultCity by fb.pb (UT99)
CTF-Veiled by _Lynx (UT200x)
CTF-W00tabulous by code187 (UT99)
CTF-W00tabulous by DarkHell (UT99)
CTF-W00tabulous by Francesco Biscazzo (UT99)
CTF-W00tabulous by Loque- (UT99)
CTF-W00tabulous by TheTrainStation (UT99)
DM-1on1-Aerowalk by FlamesoFF1 (Quake)
DM-1on1-Aerowalk by Flikswich (Quake)
DM-1on1-Pure by K-2 (UT3)
DM-1on1-Pure Pro by irridium77 (UT3)
DM-1on1-Toxicity by luauDesign (Quake)
DM-Agony4 by MasterPlayerLoRD. (UT99)
CTF-Akbal by garuDa (UT200x)
DM-Antalus by sunnyxyed (UT200x)
DM-Apathy by Flylikeamouse (UT200x)
DM-Ariza by IllpIll (UT99)
DM-Backspace by Scinbed (UT200x)
DM-BigDonut by Last Photograph (Mario Kart 64)
DM-Bishop by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Campgrounds by bass3 (Quake 3)
DM-Campgrounds by FrostbyteGR (UT200x)
DM-CampgroundsIntel by Zulua (UT200x)
DM-Cheops by [PHX]Big_Deal (UT200x)
DM-Cheops by Prescovio (UT200x, DM-OSR-Cheops)
DM-Chillout by Silent_Scope (Halo 2 Lockout)
DM-Codex by code187 (UT99)
DM-Codex by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Complexo by luauDesign (GoldenEye)
DM-Compressed by garuDa (UT200x)
DM-Compressed by konseptzzz (UT99)
DM-Conduit by mozidesigner (UT3)

DM-Crusher by CDMcGwire (Quake 3)
DM-Curse by code187 (UT99)
DM-Curse by d3tox (UT99)
DM-Curse by Trinatek (UT99)
DM-Deck246 by Tigerclaw (UT99)
DM-Deck8 by ChongLee (UT99)
DM-Deck-CLee by ChongLee (UT99)
DM-Deck-Duel by chicken- (UT99)
DM-DeepRuins by CaptainMigraine (UT3)
DM-DeepInside by BloodK1nG (Quake 3)
DM-DeepInside by phyloni (Quake 3)
DM-DM7 by Venguard (Quake 3)
DM-Edge by Cr4zy (UT3)
DM-Faze by Cr4zy (UT3)
DM-Flustered by bcogan (UT3)
DM-Foundry by Darksteel (UT99)
DM-FractalCore by Venguard (UT99)
DM-Gael by Mr. Special (UT200x)
DM-Gael by aniviron (UT200x)
DM-Genku by Mitch Mitchell (UT3)
DM-Goose by garuDa (UT200x)
DM-Gothic by code187 (UT99)
DM-Gothic by Kyben (UT99)
DM-Gothic by Daniel ‘Sneh’ Jacob (UT99)
DM-Grendelkeep by jayo_ (UT200x)
DM-Grendelkeep by konseptzzz (UT200x)
DM-Grinder by aniviron (UT99)
DM-Guardian by Bmikes (Halo 3)
DM-HellsGate by JamyzGenius (Quake 3)
DM-HyperBlast by Daniel ‘Sneh’ Jacob (UT99)
DM-Idoma by garuDa (UT200x)
DM-Idoma by Trev and Mariomguy (UT200x)
DM-Intercept by MasterPlayerLoRD (UT3)
DM-IronMaiden3 by Mozi (UT200x)
DM-Ironic by Nonemm (UT200x)
DM-KillBillyBarn by Teddie (UT200x)
DM-LeaObservatory by CaptainMigraine (UT200x)

DM-Luci by Tetsu (UT200x)
DM-Malevolence by code187 (UT99)
DM-Malevolence by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-MatrixPort by TrumpetPro (UT200x)
DM-MikesRoom by Last Photograph (UT200x)
DM-Mojo by code187 (UT99)
DM-Morbias by code187 (UT99)
DM-Morbias II by Laokin (UT99)
DM-Morpheus by FelipeHC (UT99)
DM-Morpheus by ~SPECTRE~ (UT99)
DM-Nitro by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Osiris by bass3 and lo2dk (UT200x)
DM-Peak-CLee by ChongLee (UT99)
DM-Penetrated by MasterPlayerLoRD. (UT3)
DM-Phobos by code187 (UT99)
DM-Phobos by MoxNix (UT99)
DM-Phobos3 by MonsOlympus (UT99)
DM-Plunge by jonzie23 (UT200x)
DM-Pressure by NKos (UT99)
DM-Psi by Mitch Mitchell (UT3)
DM-Q17 by Taki (Quake 3)
DM-Q3DM4 by MasterPlayerLoRD. (Quake 3)
DM-Q3DM7 by Venguard (Quake 3)
DM-Rankin by bass3 (UT200x)
DM-Rankin by Crocopede (UT200x)
DM-Rankin by MataChungos (UT200x)
DM-Rankin by Teln3t (UT200x)
DM-RelentlessMachine by darksinn3r (Quake Live)
DM-Roughinery by itsinthemind (UT200x)
DM-Sentinel by MasterPlayerLoRD. (UT3)
DM-SpaceNoxx by M^uL (UT99)
DM-Spirit by itsinthemind (UT200x)
DM-Stalwart by code187 (UT99)
DM-StalwartXL by Trinatek (UT99)
DM-StompingGrounds by FlamesoFF1 (Quake 2)
DM-Subterrane by trejam (UT3)
DM-Sulphuris by Paradox_ (UT200x)
DM-Swampgrounds by luauDesign (Quake 3)
DM-Tempest by code187 (UT99)
DM-TheBadPlace by Immelmann (Quake)
DM-Tourney2 by waffl3head (Quake 3)
DM-ToxiCity by CHaCHi84 (Quake 3)
DM-TrainingDay by itsinthemind (UT200x)
DM-TundraIV by pBOOST (UT99)
DM-Turbine by code187 (UT99)
DM-Under LE by itsinthemind (UT200x)
DM-UntoldStorage by Mitch Mitchell (UT3)
DM-ViridianDreams by code187 (UT99)
DM-Zeto by MoxNix (UT99)
DOM-Olden by Snake.Pliskin (UT99)
DOM-Vitamin by Basalt (UT99)


Assault Resurgence by Urgamanix
Betrayal by RattleSN4K3
Chaos by Vicarious
Domination by Snake.Pliskin


  1. Hi Steve. Thanks for maintaining this massive list. I know how much work this kind of thing is! One thing I happened to notice is that my DM-Maelstrom map is on here. There aren’t any DM-Maelstrom’s in previous UTs that I know of and its a brand new map so probably doesn’t fit under a remake list.


  2. This is GREAT… I have played UT99 thru UT3 and now to see work on UT4 underway, WoW.
    One of the best (IMHO) maps was DM-ZeitKind. Any chance of a remake for UT4?
    Thanks and keep up the great work.


    1. Hey Earl 🙂

      Yep, it’s already amazing to see all those remakes for a game that still is in alpha stage! I don’t know DM-ZeitKind? Maybe if you ask mappers for a remake on Epic forums, one could do it? THX for stopping by and your comments 🙂


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